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How to Read More Books This Year

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*Hello! In this article, I discuss the strategies I use that help me read more books every month. I hope these tips help you meet your reading goals this year.

Hello! Let's discuss the strategies I use that help me read more books every month. I hope these tips help you meet your reading goals this year.

How I read more books.

We all want to read more, but to do that we have to make more time to read. Setting that lofty Goodreads goal isn’t going to get you anywhere unless you are willing to say no to other things and pick up a book instead.

Getting, and keeping, my motivation to read is something that comes “relatively” easy for me. It helps to have constant reminders. Every time I look at my bookshelves I see all of the books I have yet to read. As it happens, I look at my bookshelves a lot. They are conveniently in our living room underneath the TV. And every time I glance in that direction I pick out more books that I want to get to this year.

I also get a lot of motivation from making a monthly TBR. (That’s “To Be Read” for anyone who doesn’t know.) Once I decide what books I want to read, I get serious about checking them off the list throughout the month. As of right now, I’ve read half of the books on my TBR for the month and it’s only the 14th.

It has also helped me to have a goal. I have a yearly goal on my Goodreads(let’s be friends!) and a monthly goal to read 10 books. One thing that motivates me is to be bored. I’m the kind of person that will read almost anything with words on it. Yep, I was the kid that read the nutrition facts and ingredients on the cereal box because it was something to read. So, when I find that I’m wandering around the house or bored with my current activity, it’s time to pick up a book.

I did a quick bit of research into my screen usage, targeting #bookstagram specifically.

Because I have an iPhone, I know exactly how much time I was spending on Instagram. It was too much and eye opening enough that I ranted about it in this post. Once I put a limit on my Instagram time, things changed dramatically.

It’s funny because now I hardly check my Instagram. I only allow myself 1 hour per day. Yes, that’s right, one hour in a 24 hour period is allocated to Instagram. Mindless scrolling is a thing of the past because I don’t have time to do that and actual important things on there. You know, like posting, replying to comments and DMs, that kind of thing. There’s not enough time in 60 minutes to do both.

This simple thing has really increased my reading time. Last week I was able to read 4 books in seven days. Normally it would take me seven days to read 1 book.

Further field results.

My husband took this a step further and deleted Instagram and all of the games off his phone. He’s discovered that he now has lots of time to read. And, just for context, he works around 60 hours a week, so don’t go using your job as an excuse not to read.

There are a few other things that I choose not to do like watch tv, Netflix, or movies. It’s not that I don’t enjoy those things. (Have you seen The Umbrella Academy on Netflix??) I would rather be reading, so it’s easy for me to say no to that stuff.

There is one more thing I cut down on to create more reading time, and that is online browsing. This is one of my weak points and it’s so easy to get sucked into it. A solution I have found is to write in my bullet journal what I want to look up so that I can do it later. That way, if I remember I need to order diapers off Amazon when I’m reading, I can jot it down and do it later. It’s a great solution to a constant problem. If you don’t bullet journal, use a notepad or sticky notes to jot down what you need to remember later.

What are some of the things you have tried to get more reading done and to stay motivated to read when Netflix is calling your name? Let me know in the coments!

Happy reading,


P.S. Catch my March 2019 TBR here!

P.P.S. A book I recently finished is Crown of Feathers and a book I just started is The Song Rising.

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