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How to Get Organized Bookshelves

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*Book lovers LOVE to organize their books. I can’t tell you how many times I organize my books per month. It’s something I’ve been doing a lot lately as I add new books to my collection. Since I’ve been doing it so much, I’ve got a really good system going for myself. Read on to see how I keep my bookshelves organized.

Need ideas to keep your bookshelves organized? Follow my tips so that you can always find your next read. And have nice looking bookshelves.

Bookshelf Organization: Yes or No?

Are you the kind of person that likes to have your books really organized on your shelves? Or will you just stick them anywhere there’s room. If you’re the second person, I get you. I used to just stick my books wherever I could find space for them.

Now that I’m older, and take a little more pride in my bookshelves, I give them a lot more attention and care.

Organizing your bookshelves is a very personal matter. It all depends on shelf space, the number of books you own, and how you want to display them. I personally like to have extra space on my shelves so that I can face some of my favorite books out where everyone can see them.

I have separate shelves for my fantasy, historical fiction, and nonfiction books. Not shockingly I have 2/3 more fantasy books than anything else.

But I also like to have my shelves pretty organized. I first sort them by genre, then author, then series, and finally size.

Once I get them sorted by genre I sort my books by author. After that I sort those books into their respective series.

The last way I sort my books might seem a little odd to you. Size? Who sorts their books by size? I sort them by size because it is aesthetically pleasing to my eye to have the books all the same height or to ascend or descend by height on a shelf. I’m really not sure why this is a big deal for me. It never used to bug me.

Does this little quirk make organizing my bookshelves a little harder? Yes, yes it does. But are my eyes happy? Yes they are.

Other ways to get organized bookshelves

Some people are particularly talented at organizing their books by color. I am not that kind of person. And a lot of my books are dark so when I tried this I had mostly black bookshelves. I also could not stand that my series were out of order. I’m sorry but, Eragon must go next to Eldest. They are book brothers and they belong together.

Other people like the look of their books without the jackets on them. I couldn’t handle that either. My books looked foreign to me instead of the old friends I was used to. Another trick I have to make my shelves look nice, is to keep the books in a series in the same format. So either all hardcover or all softcover. I also do my best to keep them all with the same cover art. I know a lot of books and series get new covers every so often. It would bother me to no end if I had some books in the original covers and some in the new covers.

A lot of this stuff is totally up to your preference. My goal is to give you some ideas to get your own system started and to keep your bookshelves organized and looking good.

I hope these tips were helpful. If anything use them as a guide and tweak the system until you find something that works just right for you.

Happy Reading,


P.S. Another way I keep my bookshelves clean is by doing periodic book unhauls. You can read about my system for that here.

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