November 2019 TBR

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*Is it really November already?? I’m so excited to get into the holiday season. Christmas continues to be one of my most favorite holidays. My love language is gifts so I absolutely love giving gifts to my family. I’m hoping to pack as much reading as I can into November because I’m not sure if I’ll have a lot of time to read in December.

What I hope to read in November.

Golden Son by Pierce Brown
This was on my tbr last month and I ended up not reading it because I wanted to buddy read the Red Rising series with my husband. He just started Red Rising the other day so hopefully he will catch up soon and we can then discuss about it. I am very excited to read this book! I can’t wait to get back into Darrow’s story!

The Deep by Rivers Solomon
This book comes out this month and I’ve been intrigued since I first read the synopsis a few months ago. I’m not entirely sure, but I think its about mermaids who are the decendents of drowned pregnant slave women. I mean, what? That alone makes me want to read it. It’s also a pretty short book so I’m hoping it’s good. A lot of the time short books just don’t have the depth that I love in books.

Starsight by Brandon Sanderson
This is the sequel to one of my favorite books of 2019! And I can’t wait to read it. It releases on the 26th of November and my plan is to have all the other books I want to read finished so that I can just focus on reading this for the rest of the month. I can’t wait to read the next part of Spensa’s journey.

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
Continuing my Shadowhunters read with book three of the six-book series. I don’t really have any expectations for this one other than I would like some of my questions answered and a little bit more about Clary and Jace’s history would be nice. Please and thank you.

Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco
This has been on my tbr for a couple of months now and I just need to pick it up. I loved Stalking Jack the Ripper and I’m sure I will love this one too. I just need to make it a priority.

Frozen Tides and Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodes
I started Frozen Tides in October and I knew I shouldn’t have because I had just finished reading Kingdom of Ash. I mean, that’s not really fair to Frozen Tides, because it’s just subpar compared to Kingdom of Ash. I have a hard time with these books because the writing style irritates me to no end. Most of the characters I hate and I feel like the story is always being told from their perspective. I will finish the series because I’m doing it as a buddy read, and I’m actually interested in the storyline. But it’s just so hard to make myself read them!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J K Rowling
This will be like the fourth time I read this book but I just need something that is familiar and gives me all the good feels right now. I plan to reread the entire series before the new year. Wish me luck!

Bookish Facts:

Most excited to Read: Starsight
Longest Book:
City of Glass
Shortest Book:
The Deep
Oldest Book:
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

“Children know perfectly well that unicorns aren’t real, but they also know that books about unicorns, if they are good books, are true books.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

Books I hope to buy in November

The Deep by Rivers Solomon
Starsight by Brandon Sanderson
Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw
The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White

I hope you all will have a great reading month in November!

Happy reading,


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