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My Top Blogging Pet Peeves

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*We all have pet peeves. Those things that just make us roll our eyes. There is an infinite amount of things that irritate us. It’s amazing how sensitive we are when you think about it. Like, really, that thing? That one little thing makes you that upset? Well, yes. Yes, it does. Read on to find out my blogging pet peeves.


You know those annoying boxes (or horrifically, a whole screen pop up) that pop up when you try to navigate away from a page or you’ve been reading too long? Yeah, those. I hate them so much. Most people skim blog posts at first. This is probably why these things pop up, but they annoy me to no end. They feel like icky marketing to me. I don’t have the time of day to pay any attention to them. I’m more likely to click away from a website because of these annoying buggers.


Look, I understand that a lot of blogs are people’s main sources of income, but I don’t want to see ads for things that aren’t even related to the blog’s content. What do I want to see? An ad for a product that the blogger created themselves. Maybe it’s an organization course or an ebook to help you create a routine for your morning. I LOVE to see adds for that type of content. I don’t want to visit a blog and have an ad for Amazon on the sidebar. Or GIF ads. Just don’t.


I don’t mind videos in a blog post. The type of videos I can’t stand are ones that follow you down a page. Like if you scroll down it’s right there with you distracting you from reading the actual words in the post. It’s even worse if you can’t stop the video. I’ve run into this before. It was a nightmare and I quickly exited the website. I’ve even run into blogs where the video was a popup and I struggled to figure out how to make it go away. I see these the most on cooking blogs. I don’t understand why but its a thing.

External links that open on the same page

This is probably my number one blogging pet peeve. I can’t even tell you HOW MUCH THIS IRRITATES THE CRAP OUT OF ME AND I WISH EVERY BLOGGER WOULD STOP DOING THIS.

If you are a blogger and you are, say, linking a book title to its respective Goodreads page please have that link open in a new tab. PLEASE. It’s so easy to do. Especially if you have WordPress. I’ve included a link to a short YouTube video teaching you how to work this magic. (And look! It opens in a new tab!! YAY!) If you don’t use WordPress just Google the name of your blogging platform and the words “open links in new tab”. I’m sure there are some smarty pants out there who have figured it out for you and will be a big help. 🙂

The number one reason I wish all bloggers would do this is that the external link takes the viewer away from their website. I’ll demonstrate what I mean. Click here. This is the opposite of what you want them to do! You worked hard to get this viewer and you want them to stay and check out more of your amazing content. So when you don’t have external links opening in a new tab you lose that viewer. Once they get to Amazon or Goodreads or where ever you linked to, how are they going to remember to get back to your site? Short answer, they won’t.


If you have your external links open in a new tab, when they close that tab guess whose blog is sitting right there where they left off? That’s right. Yours. Isn’t that so nice? I think it’s the best. Because the last thing I want to do when I find an awesome new blogger is to lose their website because an external link took me away from their page.

Clearly I have issues…

Well, this was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t think I’d have over 700 words to say about my blogging pet peeves….Maybe now would be a good time to seek out some counseling…. 😉

Happy reading (and blogging),


P.S. What are some of your blogging pet peeves? I’d love to know!

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