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How to Find Amazing Content Creators

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*In this post I walk you through my steps to find and decide if content creators are worth my attention. This is a rather unconventional post, but my husband asked me to write it. So, here I am.

5 simple steps to find content creators you'll love

Step One:

Pick a topic. I know, this sounds so elementary, but it’s important. Without picking a specific topic you really don’t know where to start your search. Your topic can be anything that you are interested in. Books, gaming, cooking, science, space, cats, etc. If you are interested in something there’s likely someone else who has created content for it.

Step Two:

  • After you pick your topic of interest head over to Google, Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook. Do a basic search. Out of the results that pop up just pick one that looks the most interesting to you and watch or read it. 
  • A really easy way to find new content creators to follow is to look at the creators you already follow and look at the people that they follow. It’s really easy to do this on Instagram and Facebook. Not every person they follow will be interesting to you and that’s ok. 

Step Three:

This process takes a lot of trial and error. After I’ve picked someone out in step two I’ll take a deeper look at their content. My process on Youtube looks something like this:

  1. Find new content creator.
  2. Take an initial look at their videos.
  3. Like the first two videos quite a bit.
  4. Start video # 3 and something will come out of their mouths that I absolutely do not relate to. And that’s fine. I just move on and start looking for someone else that I can better relate to.
  5. For every 5 people, I find I probably only stick with one of them.

That’s my process for YouTube. It’s more or less the same for Instagram. I pay a lot of attention to Instagram stories and if they say something I don’t agree with I’ll stop following them. Sometimes it will be weeks later of watching someone and I’ll suddenly realize that I don’t care for their content and they really annoy me. The freedom comes from realizing that you don’t have to continue following someone after you realize that they aren’t for you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been following them for a year or two months. 

Step Four:

This is probably the most important step in the process. Have high standards. It’s so important to make sure that you aren’t following people just because they have a ton of subscribers or followers. Having 200,000 subscribers on YouTube does not mean that you will connect with them at all. My number one rule is not to follow people who do not have the same moral standards as me. This automatically reduces the amount of creators that I sift through. One thing that I cannot tolerate in any content is swearing. It just drives me up the wall. If you can’t talk about something without using the “f” word your opinion has no value to me and I won’t ever tell anyone to ever look at your content. You can speak without being vulgar. It really is possible. 

Step Five:

Once you’ve gone through this process a few times you’ll start to be able to pick creators that are for you rather quickly. YouTube is my favorite place to find new creators. These creators usually have social media accounts so that makes finding people on Instagram and Facebook that much easier.

I hope these tips will come in handy as you go about looking for creators that can inspire you. 

Happy Searching!


P.S. Who are some of your favorite content creators?

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