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How to Set Goals the Right Way

January is pretty much over and I just sat down and wrote out my goals for the year.

January is the worst time of the year to set goals. I know, I know. That is sacrilege in the planning community. But really, who wants to make plans in January? We are all recovering from the holidays. We might be a little stressed. Personally, I spend the majority of January getting back into “work” mode. I also feel a little like I might never get back on track after the holidays. There might also be some stressing about the fact that my skinny jeans don’t look as nice as they did three months ago.

the only way to set goals


I just don’t like to plan in January. Planning in December is way more fun. I really like to plan in February. (What else is there to do when it’s so dreary out?) So what did I do in January? I attended a ton of planning webinars hosted by people like Whitney English from Day Designer, Kalyn Brooke of kalynbrooke.com, and Abby Lawson of justagirlandherblog.com.

They were really great and informative. They helped me get a good idea of what I want to accomplish this year. The problem was that I had about 50 different sets of notes in about 10 different places. So I decided that I needed to go through my notes and get everything on one page. I did this in my bullet journal. It turned into something like this:

It’s really good to see that my goals are pretty consistent throughout the different notes I took. At least I know I’m on the same page with myself!

What I learned the most from all of those amazingly great planning webinars was that in order for my goals to become a reality I need to make sure I have a plan for getting them done. Go figure! Sometimes we just need someone awesome to tell you, “Hey, if you want to accomplish all of your amazing goals you need a plan! And then you need to actually do the plan!”

Which makes so much sense.

So as you sit down to write out your goals for 2018 make a plan to actually get them done. For instance one of my goals for 2018 is to read through the entire Bible. My first step was to find a Bible that made it easy to read through the year. I ended up going with this one. It’s beautiful and it motivates me to actually read it.

My next step in accomplishing this goal is to actually read it every day. In order to keep myself accountable for this, I added it to my habit tracker in my bullet journal.

I’m still not sure what motivates me more; the beautiful Bible or the fact that it bothers me if I don’t color in the square for my Bible reading that day. I can see when I missed a day very easily because the empty squares show up really well.

(Please ignore the fact that my “Workout” habit kinda just stopped around the 4th. I injured my neck so I was down for the count for about 2 1/2 weeks. I have yet to convince myself that I need to start doing it again.)

It’s really cool to set a goal and then to see how well you are going about accomplishing it. That’s why I think the bullet journal is the best thing that’s happened in my life, as far as keeping my life from falling apart that is.

What are your goals for the year?

Do you have a favorite method for getting them done?

When you are setting goals, make sure you write them down where you’ll see them. If it’s one you really want to accomplish write it down every day if you have to. Until you have it memorized and every decision you make gets you closer to its completion.

Think up with a plan to get it done. Write that down too. You don’t want to leave your best-made plans to the whims of your mind. I don’t know about you, but I am super forgetful. So I find that writing everything down, and making a note of where I wrote it in my Bullet Journal, is really helpful in remembering it and keeping me on track.

Happy Planning,


P.S. Here’s a link to a short blog post I did on Bullet Journaling. If you’re at all interested in starting one, go check it out!


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